Victoria Schneider, BRT, LDHS, NTP

Victoria’s intrigue with nutrition began in 1971 studying pre-school education at community college. Soon after graduating, she embarked on life’s adventures by traveling to the Pacific Northwest coast where she met her life partner, Tom.

They canoed into the wilds of the Queen Charlotte Islands, British Columbia in 1973 where they built a log cabin off the grid on an abandoned first-nation site, birthed their two boys alone and lived for three years.

“Living in the wild taught us ingenuity, self reliance and respect for nature in all her glory. We used spruce pitch for band-aids and wild plants for medicine. We hunted and gathered year round with only one trip to town for supplies. We had to be our own doctor and supplements were not practical. It was an amazing and timeless experience.” This is now Gwaii Haanas National Park in Canada.

Her love of natural healing was rekindled in 1998 after a bout with Hodgkin’s lymphoma cancer. “Holistic medicine means to me employing the best of everything available.” After 6 months of chemotherapy, she found a doctor in Germany who treated her still existing tumor with Bioresonance therapy or BRT.

She spent years re-building her health while on the Nourishing Traditions diet of the Weston A Price Foundation and has been cancer-free for 14 years. Of all she learned, a healthy digestive system is paramount. Daily consumption of pro-biotic-rich, naturally fermented foods and lots of healthy fats is by far the cheapest and easiest way to insure vibrant health for your family.

This again sparked her many faceted thirst for knowledge from world’s leading healers, which continues to unfold. In 2000 she received her certification in BioResonance Therapy or BRT. She also became a Certified Nutritional Therapist and had a private practice in Eugene and Portland for 12 years.

Victoria loves helping children and adults with allergy clearing and has worked extensively as a Loomis Enzyme Institute digestive health specialist. These days she often uses Dr Stephen Stitler’s system of Korean Hand Therapy for many of her own immediate health challenges. She continues to study both here and abroad to keep current with the latest advances in credible research and innovative healers.

She and Tom continue to be active in personal and community health and live part-time in Eugene Oregon, Nelson B.C. and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

You may contact Victoria at: veebioenergy@gmail.com

BioResonance Therapy — www.regumed.com

Institute of Enzyme Nutrition – www.loomisinstitute.com

Nutritional Therapy Association – www.nutritionaltherapy.com


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